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High definition recorder for OEM integration

The QHD board provides the highest image quality OEM media recorder in a compact and power efficient circuit board. It is a perfect solution for integrating a self contained HD video recorder as part of a larger system.

The QHD provides discrete access to every frame, instant cueing and clip recall. These features along with noise-free variable speed playback make the QHD ideally suited to instant replay applications.

Available Configurations:
QHD RS422 w/ AES audio
QHD RS422 w/ analog audio
QHD RS232 w/ AES audio
QHD RS232 w/ analog audio

  •   Superior image quality
    • JPEG2000 codec at 100 Mbit/s
    • 4:2:2 sampling
    • 10-bit resolution
  •   Flexible audio choices: choice of analog or AES I/O
  •   Standard off-the-shelf media: SATA solid state drive or hard disk
  •   PC viewable video files
  •   Low power consumption
  •   Feature-rich serial control
  •   Supports a multitude of playback and record features including time lapse

To view JPEG2000 (J2K) files created on an Omega HD or Micron HD in a computer environment (PC or MAC) the file format must be set to “.mov” and disk formatting to “FAT32” on the FFV unit, and you’ll need Apple’s QuickTime (QT) Player and FFV’s J2K Codec. Simply extract the components and Codec from the appropriate zipped file and copy to the system location indicated (see instructions below).

Microsoft Windows XP, 7, Or 8

QuickTime Component for Windows PC’s

Extract and copy it to the Windows System directory – “C:/Program Files/QuickTime/QTSystem”.

NOTE: With PC environments, we recommend buying the “Pro” version of Apple’s QT

Apple OS X

QuickTime Component for OS X MAC’s

Extract and copy it to the QuickTime system directory – “/Library/QuickTime”.

NOTE: Codec only works with Intel powered Mac's. The “Library” folder is hidden, press the “Option” key on your keyboard, then select “Go” from the Finder application menu and “Library” will appear as a drop down menu . Select “QuickTime” and copy FFV’s J2K Codec and components here. (You may need to create the “QuickTime” folder if it is not listed).

As new features are made available you are able to update your QHD with newer firmware via the serial port. Our customers have access to these features via firmware updates for the lifetime of the product.

PLEASE BE AWARE SOME FIRMWARE UPDATES WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO PLAY OLD FOOTAGE – we recommend you always read the firmware notes before updating your unit.

QHD Firmware

Helpful Hints when updating firmware:

Locate the latest revision of firmware – filename xxx.fud
Unzip the fud file to your desktop so it will be visible during the updating process.

Connect the Q HD to your computer:

  1. Connect gender changer to RS-422 side of converter
  2. Connect DB-9 cable to RS-232 side of converter
  3. Connect gender changer side to the Omega HD
  4. Connect other side of DB-9 cable to serial port of computer
(If the computer does not provide a 9 pin serial port, a USB to Serial converter is necessary – Keyspan (part number USA- 19HS) makes an inexpensive one that works well. If using a USB to serial converter please make sure the driver has been downloaded onto your computer)

We recommend you purchase drives with your initial purchase.

If you need additional drive(s) please feel free to purchase the below part numbers from any online drive supplier.

2.5″ Drives

Spinning Disks (HDD’s) for Dual Channel Omega HD and single channel Micron HD

Western Digital Scorpio Black 2.5″ SATA drive (7200 RPM, 9.5mm height)

  • WD1600BEKT 160GB
  • WD3200BEKT 320GB
  • WD5000BPKT 500GB
  • WD7500BPKT 750GB

Solid State Drives (SSD’s) for use in Omega HD SPR or any other FFV recorder:

Intel 320 Series SSD, available 40GB to 600GB

  • SSDSA2CT040G310, 40GB
  • SSDSA2CW120G310, 120GB
  • SSDSA2CW300G310, 300GB
  • SSDSA2CW600G310, 600GB
OEM integration recorder solution

The QHD board capitalizes on our goal to provide the highest image quality in a compact and power efficient OEM media recorder solution- making it a perfect integration solution for anyone looking to integrate a J2K media recorder as part of a larger system.

Available Configuration:
QHD RS422 w/ AES audio
QHD RS422 w/ Analog audio
QHD RS232 w/ AES audio
QHD RS232 w/ Analog audio