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Digital Alternatives for Broadcast Video Tape Recorders

Broadcast VTR
News flash: tape is obsolete. Fast Forward Video offers several digital drop-in replacments for broadcast-quality high definition video tape recorders such as the Sony SRW-5500 and Panasonic DVCPRO line.

FFV's digital disk recorders allow you to maintain the workflow and technical capabililty of legacy VTRs while eliminating dependency on obsolete tape media and gaining the numerous advantages of a digital recording platform such as instantaneous cueing and maintenance-free operation.

All of FFV's high definition video recorders include:

  • Full compatibility with industry standard controllers and station automation systems.
  • Standard off-the-shelf media: SATA hard disk or solid state drives allow you to purchase drives anywhere at the lowest cost per GB for increased record time.
  • Familiar tape-deck-style front panel controls.
  • Noise-free variable speed playback.
  • Intraframe encoding provides access to every frame for instant cueing and clip recall
  • Closed caption support: record and playback CEA-608 and CEA-708.
  • Ancillary data on lines 8, 9, 10 & 11 interlaced or progressive
  • Superior image quality using wavelet-based JPEG2000 compression at 100Mbit/s. Unlike other encoding methods, provides NO VISIBLE COMPRESSION ARTIFACTS.
  • Flexible audio choices: embedded audio with the choice of Analog or AES.
  • Supports Sony 9-pin serial control with Odetics extensions.
  • Famous Fast Forward Video reliability.
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