We invented the DVR

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Fast Forward Video has been a leader in digital video recording technology since 1985. We delivered the world’s first commercial DVR in 1992. Since then we have set the standard for uncompromising digital video quality.

Our products serve an extensive range of customers including the most demanding broadcasters, government and military applications, houses of worship, law enforcement agencies, and a host of mission-critical OEMs. We have built an extensive list of honors and awards in recognition of our passion for innovation and dedication to the success of our customers.

FFV products are known for solid reliability and uncompromising picture quality. The HD recorders are based on the visually lossless JPEG2000 compression codec. FFV recorders feature intraframe recording and discrete access to each and every frame. Our patented single frame cue latency is the most responsive in the industry, providing exceptional slow motion replay and on-the-fly random access playback. Operators love our easy-to-use control interfaces. Our unique simultaneous record and playback capability provides time shift and live replay at a fraction of the cost of server-based alternatives.

In December 2012 a new ownership group with over 20 years of expertise in the post and broadcast industries created FFV Systems LLC based on Fast Forward's three decade legacy. The new team has implemented a customer centric sales and service philosophy.

FFV makes the only JPEG-2000 media recorders that can genlock multiple streams and time shift content. Playback pristine slow motion or up to 100 times real-time speed in any direction. Great for affordable slow motion applications at sports venues. Record and playback critical ancillary data such as 708 closed captioning to archive all your broadcast programming with CC708 in the file.

We have a solution to fit your needs.