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Today’s broadcasters are faced with a multitude of technical demands with shrinking budgets. Let us make your job easier with highly reliable digital video recording solutions at a fraction of the cost of other products in the market.

In this demanding envrionment, it is critical for devices to conform to strict broadcast standards. All of FFV's recorders:

  • maintain precise genlock to station sync;
  • meet SMPTE and EBU standards for high definition video including SMPTE 274M and 296M;
  • have 8 embedded audio channels at 48KHz;
  • provide SMPTE 12M-2 2008 ancillary and longitudinal time code (LTC);
  • support ancillary data including Closed Caption CEA-608 and CEA-708 on 4 lines: 8, 9, 10 and 11 interlaced or progressive.
  • follow Sony 9-pin serial remote control and Odetics automation protocol.

Broadcast Delay and Program Time-Shift

Studio Pro Replay

The STUDIO PRO REPLAY provides a programmable fixed program delay in a compact package. Demanding users love the Studio Pro's ease of use and intuitive controls.

Read more about program delay here or click on the Studio Pro photo to see more details.

Key / Fill Graphics Replay

Omega HD


The Omega HD and Micron HD offer superior key / fill capabilities. Pair either of these decks with a switcher and controller and you have a cost effective HD or SD key/fill solution with perfectly synchronized playback and the fastest cueing on the market.

Read more about key / fill here or click on the Omega HD photo for more details.

Clip Recall and Fault Recovery

Micron HD
With instant cueing and control using Odetics automation protocol, the Micron HD has clips standing by for immediate playout. This product brings high reliability and impeccable picture quality to stations on a tight budget.

Moving Wallpaper

The rock-solid Micron HD plays loops of animated graphics in stunning quality and perfect genlock to house sync. This deck is an economical alternative to dedicating a server channel for unattended standalone playback.