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  • Adobe Premiere displays black for FFV JPEG2000 files?Open or Close

    FFV's JPEG2000 files are in the Quicktime .mov format. To play these files on a Mac or PC, you must install the free FFV Quicktime codec. It is available for Windows and Mac.

    If you are using Adobe Premiere on a 64-bit machine, you must manually copy the codec into the folder for 32-bit components. In a typical installation, this is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\32.

  • Using Lance TDC-100 controller with Omega HD, one channel does not play in sync?Open or Close

    This problem occurs when the Omega HD is configured to display the clip title on its front panel. This setting causes unnecessary communication between the Omega HD and the Lance controller. This additional communication causes the Omega HD to drop or miss a "play" or "cue" command from the controller.

    To correct this problem, disable the front panel title display. This setting is found in the Omega HD front panel's menu under Settings/Front Panel/Title Display. Make sure this item reads DISABLED.

  • What is file system does the DVR use when I set the "Native" disk format?Open or Close

    When set to “Native” disk format, the DVR uses a proprietary linked list directory scheme. This scheme is not compatible with any commercial file system. This format is simpler than any computer file system and is more reliable for long term use. If you have no need to access the files recorded on your FFV DVR from a computer, we recommend you use the Native disk format.

    When you set the DVR to use the FAT32 file system, you can access the DVR's disk from a PC or Mac for playback, editing, or copying.

  • I have an old Omega SD. How can I upgrade it?Open or Close

    FFV offers a $2,000 credit for your standard definition dual channel Omega SD. Return it to the factory and we will replace it with a brand new SD/HD-SDI capable Omega HD Dual Channel with either AES or Analog audio. E-mail our sales team at sales@ffv.com or call at 1-818-504-6832. This offer is not available through our resellers. Limit one $2,000 credit per end-user.

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