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Industry Standard for Key / Fill Graphics Replay

Key fill example
Fill, key, and program

Eye-catching animated graphics are an integral part of sports, live event, and news programming.

This demanding application requires a playback device that is responsive and predictable. The device must blend seamlessly in a complex environment and be able to reproduce the sharp transitions in computer generated graphics without visible artifacts. It must maintain perfect genlock synchronization at all times.

And did we mention the device must be absolutely reliable?

Omega HD
For more than a decade, the OMEGA HD dual channel recorder has been the preferred choice of professional broadcasters and sports venues for animated graphics replay. This proven product does its job quietly and effectively, allowing technical directors to focus on the demands of the show.
Micron HD
In remote control installations where front panel controls are not required, the MICRON HD is an economical option. Use a separate Micron HD for each key and fill channel. The Micron's compact 1 rack-unit enclosure provides key and fill in 2RU of rack space.

Animation Recall

Lance Design TDC-100 controller

TDC-100 Controller by Lance Design

In key / fill applications FFV recorders offer the convenience of removable drives. A TD can prepare elements in advance off-site and bring the pre-recorded drives to the location.

When paired with the TDC-100 controller from Lance Designs, any of FFV's HD recorders support a complete clip recall and multi-channel synchronized playback system.