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Large format display at live event

From rock concerts to sports arenas to awards shows to corporate events, large format displays are an integral part of the performance. Audiences expect crystal clear pictures and technical crew expects flawless operation. Our digital video playback products are built to exceed expectations.

Playback for Large Format Display

Micron HD

Huge screens demand extraordinary picture quality. The Micron HD delivers razor sharp images along with infallible reliability. The Micron is built with industrial durability to withstand punishment on the road. Automation or live control is simple using standard RS-422 serial control. These units are both uncompromising and cost effective for a wide range of applications.

Key / Fill Graphics Replay

Omega HD


The Omega HD offers superior key / fill capabilities. Pair either of these decks with a switcher and controller and you have a cost effective HD or SD key/fill solution with perfectly synchronized playback and the fastest cueing on the market.

Read more about key / fill here or click on the Omega HD photo for more details.

Program Delay

Studio Pro Replay

The Studio Pro Replay provides a programmable fixed program delay in a compact package. Demanding users love the Studio Pro's ease of use and intuitive controls.

Read more about program delay here or click on the Studio Pro photo to see more details.