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Fast Forward Video has a three decade reputation for quality, reliability and durability in demanding environments such as sport trucks. We are proud to have earned the HD instant replay business for all 30 NHL arenas.

Our products are the preferred choice by the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Basketball Hall of Fame, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, Seattle Mariners, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings and NY Mets.

We provide full frame-rate slow motion based on patented single-frame cue latency for remarkably clear replay.

Replay System with Simultaneous Record and Playback

Studio Pro Replay

The STUDIO PRO REPLAY is a compact Replay and Time-Shift video recorder. This new Simultaneous Playback and Record (SPR) replay system allows you to review slow motion clips while continuing to record, so you never miss any of the action.

The STUDIO PRO REPLAY is the ideal solution for cost effective, reliable, and high quality slow-motion sports replay.

Replay Recorder

Micron HD

When you need instant cueing capabilities with superior image quality this HD unit is your most cost effective option. The MICRON HD offers unmatched reliability and the same exceptional slow motion clarity as the Studio Pro Replay.

Compatible Controllers

All of FFV's recorders use industry standard RS-422 serial control conforming to Sony / Odetics protocol. The Studio Pro Replay and Micron HD are plug-and-play compatible with numerous control panels from respected third-party manufacturers. Here are some examples.

JL Cooper ES Slo Mo Controller

ES-SloMo by JL Cooper Electronics

Buf Technology Sport-HD controller

Sport-HD by Buf Technology