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Program delay is the ability to receive a video stream and output the same video stream at a later time. This capability is also known as "time shifting" a program.

Broadcast Delay Server

Studio Pro Replay

Broadcasters commonly receive a program feed from an eastern time zone and play the program out hours later at the same time of day in a western time zone. Programming is on air nonstop making reliability is a critical requirement. The delayed output must be an exact reproduction of the original feed including broadcast quality picture, multiple audio channels, and embedded ancillary data such as time code, closed captions, Dolby metadata, and test signals.

Until recently, high definition program delay required a dedicated video server costing well into six figures. In 2016, Fast Forward Video introduced this capability in the Studio Pro Replay product at a small fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Today hundreds of Studio Pro Replays are on air 24/7 for major broadcasters in the United States.

Time Shift for Houses of Worship

House of worship time shift

Modern churches often need to replay part of the service on a large format display in a remote venue. In this fluid environment operators need the freedom to start recording at their discretion and the flexibility to play back on demand.

The STUDIO PRO REPLAY provides large, intuitive front panel controls to help operators hit their cues with ease. The large jog / shuttle control wheel allows the user to locate the exact starting point in advance, and to start playback with the simple touch of a button.

The Studio Pro Replay brings Fast Forward Video's famous reliability and image quality into the sanctuary to make your services look and sound the best they can possibly be.